Installing Door Closers In Phoenix AZ For Safety And Convenience

Posted on: 17 December 2013

Most people hate to hear their home's doors slam shut. When a door is allowed to slam closed, the window inside the door could break, the doorknob could become loosened, and the hinges could become dented and damaged. However, when the door's closing mechanism itself is damaged, people might not be able to help that the door closes loudly behind them as they go in and out of the home. When homeowners want to keep their doors safe and sound, they may consider replacing their door closers with Phoenix AZ new models of these fixtures. As they shop for their door closers in Phoenix AZ home improvement stores, it can be vital that they choose the right model of door closers for Phoenix AZ homes. For example, if a person's home uses doors from a certain manufacturer, it could be advisable that the person buys door closers in Phoenix AZ that will match the model and manufacturer of that door. Some parts are only compatible with certain models; therefore, people must make sure that their closers can in fact be used on their doors. After they buy their preferred closers, people can then take these parts home and install them by themselves without much difficulty. They first must unscrew the old closer to make way for the new fixture. Many closers are attached with simple screws or bolts. With the old closer out of the way, homeowners can then use the pre-drilled holes in the door to line up and attach their new closer. This work can be done relatively quickly, particularly if people have a power drill at their disposal. For more information about door closers, click here. When they install their door closer, it is important that homeowners make sure that their doors close all the way safely and securely. If they have purchased a door closer that is not compatible with their door design, their door could be left partially open and be unable to lock securely when it is pushed or pulled toward the door frame. While some people may be willing to overlook the gap between the door and the frame, they should realize that their screen door could swing open in high winds and bang against the house or the porch railing. This harsh action could damage their door, causing them to have to replace the entire door and hinges. They may also be advised to make sure the door does not close too quickly. Children often take more time opening and closing a door. If the door slams shut quickly, children could get their fingers or arms caught in the doorway, leading to them being injured. This same concern may come into play when pets go in and out of the door. An animal that lingers in the doorway could get its tail or paw shut in the door if the closer acts too quickly. Many closers can be adjusted to allow for slower closing. People are advised to test out their closer if possible before buying it to make sure that it is safe to use in their house. When people want to make sure that they get a good investment out of their door closer, they may be encouraged to take care of it regularly. Taking care of a door closure can include keeping an eye out for damage and making sure the chain stays connected from the screen door to the door frame. Likewise, they may be advised to oil their closer regularly to make sure it does not rust or become slow to close all the way. These precautions can help their closers stay useful for longer.