Advantages Of Regular Maintenance On An Independence Residential HVAC System

Posted on: 8 January 2014

Maintaining a home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is something every homeowner must think about several times a year. A residential HVAC in Independence should be cleaned and maintained at least twice per year to make sure it is running at its best before it goes through periods of heavy usage such as can occur in summer and winter. While a homeowner can often handle this type of maintenance on their own, they will also want to have a professional handle one of these maintenance jobs at least once every two years so they can perform a more thorough job. One of the main jobs to be done during these periodic maintenance sessions is cleaning the various sections which make up an Independence residential HVAC system. Since both the heating and cooling systems use the blower on a system to move air into the ventilation system, this unit can become dirty very quickly. It will need to be cleaned before both the heater is used in winter and the cooling system is used in summer. This can be done by using a vacuum with a long nozzle attachment. Most professionals have a heavy-duty machine for this type of work. However, a household or shop vacuum can do a good job as well. In addition to vacuuming the unit, the vents on it should also be cleaned of any dirt collected there. This can often be done using a wire brush. This will help in making sure air can flow through the system and keep it from overheating. In addition to making sure the unit is cleaned it is also important to check the air filter on an Independence residential HVAC system. This component is designed to collect dirt and other types of particles before they go through the system. Because of this, it can become dirty quite quickly. A homeowner will want to check and replace the filter prior to the start of each busy season. Filters should also be checked regularly when the system is in high to make sure it continues to run effectively and efficiently. The cooling system on an Independence residential HVAC system will have a separate unit, which is often found outside of the home on a concrete slab. This contains the compressor and condenser. This unit should be cleaned prior to the start of the summer season. The housing unit can collect a variety of larger types of debris from the yard, bushes and other vegetation in the yard. This should be cleaned out. Once the housing unit is removed, the coils can be cleaned using either a vacuum or a high-pressure nozzle and hose. The fins on the unit should also be cleaned with a soft brush. Since fins are made of lightweight aluminum, they can become damaged or misshaped. A fin comb from a hardware store can help in correcting this problem. Gas heating systems will need to be checked to ensure the burner is working correctly and has not become dirty. This can be done by turning the unit on and checking the condition of the flames as the burner ignites. Flames should be blue and steady. If the flames are flickering or yellow and orange in color, the burner is most likely dirty. This can cause the unit to function improperly and will result in uneven heating, which can cause certain areas of the home to remain cold. When this happens, the residents will often try to correct the problem by turning the heat higher. This can cause energy costs to increase. Cleaning the burner can help in preventing this. In most cases, it is best to have a professional repairperson handle this type of work to ensure the unit is disassembled, cleaned and then reassembled in the correct manner.