3 Reasons Why It's Time To Take Your Commercial Building Solar

Posted on: 15 September 2014

If you're a commercial building owner, paying for a new roof probably isn't your idea of a good time. However, a roof is an important investment into your building, and if it's time for a new one, then you're looking at a terrific opportunity to make a great investment with more return than the average roof can give you. If going solar was already on your list of things to do, it just makes good financial sense to do it when you have a new roof installed, rather than adding solar later.  If you haven't yet considered one of the solar roofing system options for commercial roofs, it's time to do so.  There are a few good reasons why making the switch to solar is a smart business move.

Save Money, Make Money

Whether you own a business inside the building or you simply rent or lease the commercial space inside the building, you're in business to make money. At first blush, the drive to earn can make solar look like a less attractive option – you're sure to pay more up front for a solar roof than you would for another kind of roof.

However, by looking more deeply into what you're getting for that money, you'll come to realize that a solar roof makes great financial sense. Do you pay the utility bills for the power used inside the building? There are many roofing materials that purport to help building owners save energy and decrease their electric spending. But so far, there is only one roofing option that can actually generate electricity, cutting significantly into the amount of power you have to pay for. That option is solar.

If you rent or lease commercial space and your tenants are responsible for the utility bills, you can still increase your profits by going with a solar roof. A roof that generates electricity and saves your tenants money is worth more to them than a regular commercial roof. You can charge more for the space that you're renting out, and make a profit on funds that would have gone to a utility company instead.

Improved Public Perception

Never underestimate the power of good PR. Environmental issues are hot topics today, and conserving energy is near the top of the list when it comes to important environmental issues of the moment. There is widespread agreement that the more that can be done to minimize dependence on unsustainable natural resources, the better.

Solar power, of course, is a completely sustainable natural resource. Converting your commercial building to solar power is a way of making a statement. You're telling the people that work in your building, patronize your business, or just walk by you building every day that you care about your community, both globally and locally, and you're willing to make changes that will make a difference.

No matter what kind of business you're in, that kind of statement is a powerful one. And a powerful and positive statement is always a good business move. It can help you generate new business, or create goodwill toward you from important contacts or potential investors. Why pass up an opportunity for good press?

More Options Than Ever

Solar technology is growing by leaps and bounds, whether you realize it or not. One of the best reasons to make the change to solar now is that you have more options than ever before. If you choose to go with solar panels, you have at least two different options: ballasted and attached racking systems. Attached racking systems can allow you to customize your rooftop solar arrangement, add more panels to create more energy, and keep your costs down. On the other hand, if you're worried about the potential for leaks caused by roof penetration, you can go with a ballasted racking system that doesn't penetrate the roof, can be installed easily and quickly, and only minimally affects the look of the roof.

However, you don't have to choose solar panels at all, if you don't want to. Solar shingles are small photovoltaic shingles that closely resemble regular roofing shingles. While these are often used in residential solar roofing systems, they can also be used for commercial roofing systems.

There's another option as well, perfect for commercial building owners that prefer a roofing membrane system. It's now possible to apply solar modules to flexible membrane roofing material. If you're looking to replace a flat membrane roof with another flat membrane roof, but you still want to add solar power to the mix, this is the perfect solution.

If you've thought about solar, but you've just been waiting for the perfect time, that time is now. A roofing contractor like Align Roofing Company that is familiar with the various solar roofing options can walk you through the solar roofing choices that are available to you and help you decide what's best for your building.