Create A Home That Fits Your Needs When You Are Wheelchair Bound

Posted on: 8 June 2016

When you have a handicap, day to day life can be more difficult for you if you do not have a home that accommodates your specific needs. If you need to use a wheelchair to get around in your home, consider having a custom home built that will suit your specific needs perfectly. The guide below walks you through a few features to consider for your perfect custom home.

Consider the Height of the Countertops

The first thing you need to consider when having a custom home created is the height of the countertops. You need to be able to do all of your meal prep at the countertops so having them built to a height that allows you to easily access everything from your wheelchair will make the preparation simpler.

Consider the Bathrooms in the Home

Next, you need to consider the bathrooms that you want to have created in the home. Consider having a shower made that has a flat lip on the side so that you can roll right into the shower without having to get out of your wheelchair. This will reduce the risk of you falling or getting hurt when you get into the shower to bathe.

Consider the Doorways in the Home

The width of the doorways in the home is something else you need to take into consideration. Be sure that the doorways will be wide enough for your wheelchair to easily fit through. Custom doors can be made to fit in larger doorways, if needed.

Consider an Open Floor Plan

Consider having an open floor plan created in your home so that you can easily maneuver around. An open floor plan allows you to entertain guests while you prepare a meal or see what is going on in another room, if you have children or pets.

Having a custom home created is not overly difficult to do. You will need to sit down with an architect to design the home of your dreams and then meet with a contractor like C & Z Construction to discuss how the home can be created without going over your budget. Be sure that the quote that you are given to create your dream home includes the cost of labor and supplies. There are some contractors who charge you for supplies as the project is being completed. This can make it very difficult to track exactly how much you are spending on the home and could cause you to go over your budget.