Crack In A Truss? How To Save Your Roof From Caving In

Posted on: 8 September 2016

There are many issues that can lead to a truss becoming damaged. The truss might have been partially damaged while it was being transported and there were no obvious outward signs of damage. The truss may have been damaged while it was being manufactured. Many trusses will also become damaged after they have been installed as a result of a fire or infestation. Regardless of the cause, there are fortunately ways that truss contractors can repair broken trusses.

Repairing The Truss With A Metal Plate

One way in which a wooden truss is fixed is by placing a metal plate over the crack. Then, wood screws and a screw gun are used to secure the metal plate in place. The screws must be construction wood screws. Other types of screws will cause damage to the jolts when you are hammering in the nails. 

You then need to place a second plate on the other side of the truss. Use a third plate to support the lower side of the truss. This will ensure that the weight is more evenly distributed across both plates. 

Once the supports have been secured into place, they should be checked to make sure that they can provide adequate resistance. Place a little pressure on the truss and see if it holds in place thanks to the new plates.

Protecting Trusses From Failure In The First Place

The best way to prevent truss failure is to make sure that the trusses do not become too damp by controlling the amount of moisture in your home. If the attic is properly ventilated, the trusses will not rot, and they will also be less likely to be attacked by pests. Treating the trusses with boron-based preservatives will prevent the pests from attacking the trusses.

Replacing A Truss That Has Failed

While the plate can be enough to support the damaged truss for a long time, there is a risk that the plate might not be enough, and you may need to have the entire truss replaced with new lumber. This is a much more challenging endeavor that will require the assistance of a truss contractor. If your roof has broken trusses, contact truss contractors as soon as possible. The broken trusses can jeopardize the structural integrity of your roof. While you may be able to repair your truss yourself, it is safer to leave it up to the professionals.

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