Check These Before You Begin Your Holiday Baking

Posted on: 5 December 2016

If you're preparing for your annual kitchen camp-out when you're going to cook and bake all things holiday related, do some preparation work to ensure your time in the kitchen goes smoothly. In addition to checking that you have all the ingredients and gift packaging supplies that you want, check these three temperature-related issues. By ensuring these are in working order, your day will be more comfortable and much safer.

Oven Temperature

If you're baking or roasting anything, the oven temperature is crucial. Over time, your oven can deviate from the temperatures you think you're setting it to. Before you start baking, test the oven temperature by preheating to a specific temperature of your choosing while an oven thermometer sits inside. If the temperature is a few degrees off, note the amount and adjust the temperature on the oven to compensate when you actually bake something. Just a couple of degrees might not make a difference, but when you start seeing differences in the double digits, you'll need to compensate.

Air Conditioning

The stove and oven will warm up your home, and the effort you put into baking and cooking can warm you up as well. However, you don't want to become too warm lest you start feeling dehydrated and exhausted. Even on cold days, if you overexert yourself in a warm environment, you can end up feeling pretty sick. Ensure your air conditioner is working in case you need to turn it on. On sunny days, you might be able to open a window, but if it's raining or snowing outside, you're better off zapping your place with a blast of cold air from the air conditioner if you need to cool down the kitchen area.

Refrigerator and Freezer Temperatures

Stick a refrigerator thermometer into the fridge and freezer compartments of the appliance you have. You must be sure that both are in the safe temperature ranges because if they're not, the food you take out of them for your cooking -- and the food you try to store in them -- will be at unsafe temperatures that could encourage bacteria to grow.

If any of these appliances are not working correctly, you need to get them checked out. Your air conditioner, for example, should be inspected to find out if anything is wrong and if the thermostat is working properly. Contact an air conditioner repair company like Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc to schedule an appointment.