Six Compelling Reasons To Consider A Kitchen Remodel

Posted on: 13 December 2016

Knowing whether to give your kitchen a complete remodel or to settle for a fresh coat of paint isn't always easy. While a remodel will take longer and require a larger financial investment, there are a number of benefits to remodeling your kitchen. Consider these common reasons for nixing the paint job and opting for a kitchen remodel instead.

Modernize Your Kitchen Design

One of the most common reasons people remodel their kitchen is to update it to meet the current trends in kitchen design. Replacing cabinets, counter tops and floors with modern materials and moving away from traditional yellow walls with blonde cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen and make it more functional, too. Modernizing the kitchen design also includes adding easy-to-access storage, removing or moving walls, changing wiring and plumbing to move the layout of appliances, and adding new lighting to brighten the room.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If your current kitchen has functional, but outdated appliances, they probably aren't very energy efficient. Installing new energy efficient models will cut your energy costs and help the environment too. This is the time to add skylights or sun lights to take advantage of natural light and reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy sources. If you include solar products, you may qualify for tax credits or government rebates, too.

Increase Your Home's Resale Value

If you are planning to resell your home in the future, remodeling the kitchen is a great way to increase your resale value, says Houzz. In fact, many sources claim that the appearance and comfort of the kitchen often makes or breaks a sale. While you may not recoup all of the expense of remodeling your kitchen, a 2016 Cost vs Value Report reveals that you can expect to recoup approximately 65 to 83 percent of the cost of your kitchen remodel, depending on the size and cost of the kitchen remodel.  That means you get to live with your new kitchen until you decide to resell for a mere 17 to 35 percent of its actual cost.

Accommodate Special Needs

If someone in your family has special needs, such as requiring a walker or wheelchair, you may wish to remodel the kitchen to give them access to cooking or dining. This may mean increased floor space, lowered counters and cooking spaces, and altering the layout of your kitchen. You may also want to accommodate other physical traits of the primary cook, such as adjusting for height or installing special equipment to make cooking and cleaning the kitchen easier.

Adapt to Changes in Family Size and Structure

Families change over time and what was efficient and convenient for a young couple, may not be suitable for a growing family. Likewise, as youngsters grow up and leave the nest, parents may be ready to breathe new life into the kitchen. Whether your family is currently in the growing stage and needs more room and function to suit both children and adults, or you are an empty nester ready to begin the journey into gourmet cooking, your kitchen could probably use a remodel to fit your family's changing needs.

Meeting the Needs of Changing Lifestyles

Lifestyle can change independent of family size and structure. The kitchen you loved for quiet evenings at home may not fit your needs if you are moving up in the corporate world and need to entertain guests on a regular basis.  Likewise, if you have suddenly embraced a minimalist lifestyle, or have decided to live off the land, your needs in the kitchen have probably changed. Opening the kitchen to an entertainment area, streamlining your kitchen design for a new minimalist design, or adding a pantry with open shelves for storing your canned goods are all great reasons to opt for a kitchen remodel.

Remodeling your kitchen to make the area serve your needs can be a good investment and can bring you hours of pleasure, too. For more information, click here.