Need A Garage Door? Consider Wood Composite Models

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Has the time come to replace your garage door? Any new garage door will give your home a fresh, attractive look; you can choose from vinyl, aluminum, wood, steel, and even fiberglass doors. But there's one material that really stands out from the rest: wood composite.

Wood composite is a material made from natural wood fibers and a plastic or cement binder. It offers a number of benefits over other garage door materials.

Wood composite looks like natural wood.

There are a number of home styles which really look best with wooden garage doors. For instance, wood looks right at home on a Craftsman home or a rustic, cabin-style home. However, wood is hard to maintain and prone to rot. Wood composite, as discussed below, does not present these same challenges. However, it looks like natural wood, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your home's architectural style.

Wood composite garage doors typically come in "natural" options like an oak or walnut finish, as well as more colorful options. So whether you're seeking something more traditional or more modern, you're sure to find a composite door that fits the bill.

Wood composite won't rust, corrode, or rot.

The plastic materials that coat the wood fibers protect them from moisture, so your composite garage door is not prone to rot like a natural wood door. This makes composite a great choice if you live in a moist or humid environment. Composite does not rust or corrode like a metal door would, either. 

You may not have to paint your composite door.

Some wood composite garage doors do come finished with a paint coat, and you will want to paint them every few years to keep up this look. However, if you want to never have to paint your garage door, you can opt for one in which the color has been included in the composite mixture. The tint extends all of the way through the material rather than being placed on top. You can paint over this material if you ever change your mind and want a different color, but you never need to paint it.

Wood composite is fire-resistant.

Wood composite, like many materials, will eventually melt or catch fire if exposed to flames. However, most composite materials are considered fire-resistant. This does not mean they won't burn -- but that they will resist burning and catching fire for a good, long time. If there is a fire in your garage, there's a good chance you'll be able to have it put out before the door catches. This is a good safety feature to have if your garage is close to your home and you're worried about any fire that breaks out in the garage spreading to the home.

Composite doors are often made from recycled materials.

Many garage door manufacturers use wood fibers leftover from other manufacturing endeavors to make composite doors. Essentially, wood waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill is recycled to make the material. This makes composite doors an eco-friendly choice that can help you meet your sustainable building goals. Depending on the exact composite formula, other waste materials like straw and rice husks may also be incorporated into the mixture.

Insects won't bother your composite door.

Wood composite does not appeal to termites, carpenter bees, or other pests that like to take up residence in natural wood. For this reason, you don't have to treat your composite garage door with insecticides -- which makes it even better for the environment.

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