Creating A Brick Patio For An Outdoor Play Area For Children

Posted on: 9 February 2017

Parents are always looking for great home improvement projects that make life more fun for their children. This simple brick patio project is one masonry addition that just about anybody can handle, and it creates a fun and engaging play area for children.

Why Bricks Are A Great Choice For A Patio

When making a patio play area for children, bricks are a good choice for a number of reasons. First of all, they are very durable – modern brick-making processes create bricks that last for decades. Secondly, they are also made out of natural items, helping to decrease the negative environmental footprint that many building projects create.

When creating a brick patio play area for children, it is important to set up a table (where they can play games, draw, etc.) and a small umbrella that can protect them from the sun. Other play areas, such as small sandboxes, can also be placed on the patio to make it more enjoyable.

Building A Patio Can Be Simple

The other nice thing about building a brick patio is that it is relatively simple. All it requires is marking out the area with stakes and string where the patio will be installed. The corners need to be perfectly square and the sides parallel for this process to work. Then the grass needs to be removed and about eight inches of soil removed in the area.

Then four inches of gravel needs to be spread evenly along the bottom of the hole and the bricks carefully pressed into these holes in a snug and tight manner. Pressing them down snugly ensures they stay in place while children run and play on top of the bricks. This is the kind of project that just about any homeowner can do on their own.

The Importance Of Sealing Bricks

One thing that has to be done with a good brick patio after installing it is sealing the surface. Failure to do so can cause weathering damage that can make it a tricky or even dangerous area for children to play. It requires pulling away any dirt and cleaning the surface with mildew. If the bricks are newly installed, it is still important to clean them with these items first.

Wait a day or two and apply a brick sealer across the surface of the bricks with a paintbrush or a pump sprayer. Spray it until all the bricks are wet and spread it evenly to ensure that it doesn't pool. Wait at least a day before spraying another coat. A good sealant like this will keep the bricks in great shape for years and provide a fun play area for children and even grandchildren.

If you feel you cannot complete this project by yourself, contact a masonry contractor company, such as Corrado Construction, to help you.