Have Some Wasted Space In Your Yard? 4 Luxury Elements That Will Bring It To Life

Posted on: 6 March 2017

Do you have a large and less-than-stellar section of your yard that you want to make over? Adding a luxury focal point to one area can give the entire landscape a new vitality and make your yard more enjoyable and better used. So, what can you do to add that certain, luxurious conversation piece? Here are four great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Custom Pool. Few things say luxury more than a beautiful and one-of-a-kind pool that takes guests' breath away. Rather than fill your unused space with a cookie-cutter pool, create your own custom pool design that fits your yard's personality and style. Want to add a formal and graceful element? A classic rectangular pool accessorized with a symmetrical mosaic tile design and trimmed hedges is perfect. Looking for a natural look that invites people to enter for an adventure? Add a faux rock grotto and waterfall that adds a tropical feel during the day and is lit up at night. 

Gazebo. A gazebo can be a striking yard element that dominates the landscape and draws attention. You may want to opt for a classic wooden design, delicate wrought iron, or even a modern formal look. Use an intimate gazebo as a reading or relaxation nook or install a large one at the end of a wide walkway to take advantage of great views in the yard and entertain guests in large parties.

Outdoor Kitchen. Make your yard beautiful and more functional by adding an outdoor kitchen. This type of custom-made focal point is perfect for unused areas of the yard that are close to the house and easily accessible. Modern outdoor kitchens have a variety of exciting features like pizza ovens, custom grills, fire tables, and plenty of storage.

Conversation Grouping. Turn an underutilized space in the yard into a destination for you and your guests by creating a place to hang out and relax. It could be as simple as a built-in stone or concrete sofa or bench set with a fire pit in the center. Or, you could add elegance by grouping outdoor sofas and lounges around an oversized fireplace. Add functionality and style by covering the conversation pit with a canopy, lattice, pergola, or canvas sail.

No matter what type of theme and mood you want to set in your yard, you can find the perfect way to spice up a section that's currently going to waste. And by adding just the right focal point element, you can do it easier and in less time than you may think possible.