Love Nature? Tips For Building A Log Cabin

Posted on: 10 April 2017

If you love nature and want a new home, you should consider hiring a residential home contractor to build you a log cabin. If you are interested in this, below are some tips to help you go through the process of building your new home to ensure you end up with a home that is perfect for you and your family.

Find the Land

A log home looks out of place if it is built in a city, and it is meant to be in nature. You can find land that is close to the city but still provides you with a more country type setting. Contact a real estate agent and look for land that is close to a forest or a large lake. You also have to consider if the land is right for the type of foundation a log cabin has. Your building contractor can help you with this. This is also important if you ever plan to build something like an inground pool, or if you plan to install a garden. Choosing the land is the most important part of this process so make sure you take your time to find the right property.

Find Out the Zoning Requirements

You need to look into the zoning requirements because they will determine what you can and cannot do on your land. You will also have to obtain zoning permits before you start building. Your building contractor may take care of this for you so make sure you ask them. If they will not, then you need to take steps to do this on your own.

Choose the Right Logs

If you hire a home contractor that has experience building log homes, they can help you choose the type of logs. There are a variety of trees that work well for this purpose, such as balsam, hemlock, spruce, pine, fir, and cedar.

When you choose the type of log, they will be delivered to a builder's yard. If the logs are still green when they arrive, the builder can peel and saw them. They will then cut the logs to the right length, and preassemble them in the right shape. When finished, the windows and doors openings are cut into the logs.

Your log cabin may be built off site and then shipped to you and placed on the area of land you have chosen. Make sure the building contractor is there when the home arrives to ensure it is placed properly. The builder will also check the roof to ensure it overhangs far enough to protect the logs when it rains.

Talk with the home contractor and they can go over the build process with you in detail.