4 Issues That Can Affect Your Well Water In Your New Home

Posted on: 25 April 2017

If you just purchased a home that has well water, you need to be aware of common issues that can come up when you have well water so that you know how to react to these situations should they arise. Here are a few common issues that well water owners sometimes experience.

#1 Drop In Water Tables

Your well water depends on their being enough water at the water table depth that your well is drilled at. If you live in an area that is experiencing a prolonged drought or below average rainfall, the water table in your area could drop. When the water table levels drops, it means that you have to go deeper into the ground in order to access clean drinking water.

When the water table levels fall, your water may become muddy, taste a little different and may not come easily out of your tap, spitting and sputtering when you try to get water.

This can be a temporary issue that will resolve itself when the water tables rise again, which means you'll need to purchase water in the meantime for drinking. Or it can be a permanent issue if the water table levels continue to drop, which may require your well to need to be dug a little deep so you can access clean drinking water.

#2 Water Well Pump Size Is Off

If you use more water than the previous owners, you may need to change the pump on your well. Well water pumps are designed for specific amounts of usage. For example, if a single person built and lived in the home before you, and you now live there with your family of five, you are going to use significantly more water on a daily basis. This may require you to upgrade the size of the pump at your well so that enough water can be adequately pumped to your house on a daily basis without wearing down your pump.

#3 Pressure Tank Size Is Off

The pressure tank in your home should always correspond to your usage. If you find that you are using more water than the previous owners, you may need to upgrade to a larger pressure tank as well as a new well pump. A larger pressure tank provides a place to store the water that your home needs, and creates less overall strain on your well pump, as your well pump will have to pump water less often when you have a large pressure tank that meets your house needs.

#4 Sediment Build-Up

Finally, it is important to realize that sediment can easily build up in and around your well pump. Over time, sediment can wear down your well pump and its various components, which is why it is important to get your well pump cleaned on at least a yearly basis to prevent your pump from getting worn down and your water pressure from being negatively affected by sediment build-up. Continue reading more about water wells by exploring the topic online.