Three Reasons To Consider A Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning System For Your Home

Posted on: 30 May 2017

If you are ready to replace an old central air condition system in your home, there are a few reasons to consider switching to a ductless mini-split AC system. Or if you have no AC system in your home, you may find the same type of system to be ideal for your home as well. The following are a few things to think about

They are easier to install if you have no duct system

If you are looking to install an air conditioning system in your home, but you do not have a duct system, installing a duct system for central air can be expensive and time consuming. Portions of your home's walls will need to be torn out to make room for the ducts and vents. A ductless system requires a single pipe that runs from the compressor outside to the indoor wall mounted unit. There is less labor involved, and this translates to less cost and faster installation time.

No energy loss from the air ducts

If you already have a duct system, you can save money on your utility bill due the air conditioning only cooling a particular room. With central air, all of the cool air will go through the duct system and some of the cool air is absorbed by the ducts. In essence, the air conditioning system is cooling your ducts along with the rooms of your home. Obviously, a ductless system will not have this issue; therefore, it will have greater efficiency in cooling a particular area of you house.

You don't have to cool down the entire house

You can easily cool down certain rooms or areas of your home more than others because you will have a separate air conditioning system for different parts of your home.

You can keep the room or rooms that you use the coolest while keeping the rest of the house in a warmer state. Depending upon the climate in your area, you may choose not to have any AC at all in a portion of your home. This efficiency translates into less energy use, and therefore, you will have a lower utility bill.

If you are looking to replace your old central air conditioning system and currently find yourself not needing to keep your entire home cold in the warmer months, a ductless mini-split system may be perfect for you. In addition, if you have no air conditioning system and only need a portion of your home cool or a small square footage house, this type of AC system may also be for you.