Guaranteeing A Dry Space With Proper Planning - Tips For Exterior Waterproofing

Posted on: 6 June 2017

Your home's basement may be a great place to entertain guests, do your laundry, store your items, or perform any of a number of important tasks, but it also can pose a risk to your structural stability. Creeping water can create foundation issues, mold, and other problems that you need to work hard to avoid.

The best way to handle those issues is to stop them from arising in the first place. Keeping water out of your basement can help guarantee that those problems don't linger, and the suggestions below should offer some incredibly helpful tips for securing exterior waterproofing and making your home a dry space for years to come.

Gutter Care

Perhaps the most important component in keeping your basement dry is actually around the outside of your roof. Without a strong and functioning gutter system, any rain that rolls off the roof is going to pool in your yard and naturally slope back toward the house, posing a potentially serious risk.

Keeping your gutters clean and clear will allow water to be collected and safely steered away from vulnerable areas. You should also regularly check that your downspouts are directed in the proper way and clear of any potential clogs, as their leakage or misalignment can create similarly serious problems.

Yard Grading

Having a properly graded yard will go a long way toward making sure water is collected in the correct spots. Water will always run downhill, but what appears to be a flat surface may not actually be as level as you think, and the weight of your home may be sufficient over time to create shifts in the ground that alter the natural flow.

Make an attempt to have your yard tilled and graded on a regular basis in order to guarantee it doesn't settle improperly overtime. This turnover may have ancillary benefits as well, as it can promote healthier grass growth that might also help absorb some of the danger from water.

Curtain Drains

In large yards where the flow of water may be difficult to keep under control, curtain drains might be your best solution for keeping your home dry. By digging deep trenches and then laying in pipes which direct the flow carefully away from your home, you can be sure to divert as much of the concern as possible. Curtain drains can also double as attractive landscaping components, adding some curb appeal while guaranteeing the strength and stability you desire.

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