Tips To Help You Maintain Your Roof Drainage And Repair Exterior Siding Damage

Posted on: 13 June 2017

Your home's roof and siding help to keep out adverse weather and moisture from invading your home's interior. The siding on your home covers and protects your home and keeps its insulation and interior dry. Your roof also protects your home by diverting rain and runoff to prevent interior water leaks. Here are some tips you can take to maintain these two areas of your home's protection to keep your home free of interior water leaks that can cause mold and mildew growth and lead to health problems.

Repair Damaged Siding

Siding can become dented and punctured from sharp objects, leaving the materials beneath your siding exposed to the elements. It is important to keep an eye on your siding and repair any damage as soon as possible.

When a puncture hole occurs in your vinyl siding, you can repair it with some clear caulk or caulk that matches your vinyl. Fill the hole with the caulk and smooth the surface of the the caulk with your finger. If you encounter a larger hole, unlock the bottom of the damaged section of siding with a siding zip tool and place some foil-backed tape to cover the back of the hole. Then, replace the siding and fill over the back of the tape on the front of the siding with matching caulk and smooth it flat to match the surrounding siding.

For a large hole in your siding, it can be best to apply a patch over the top of the hole. Cut the patch from a section of new and matching vinyl siding, cutting the nail flange from the siding. Cover the back of the patch with construction adhesive and apply the patch over the hole damage, smoothing it onto the siding to make sure it adheres well. 

Aluminum siding can also be repaired when holes occur. To repair a small hole, fill the hole with auto body filler and smooth its surface with a filler's plastic smoothing tool. After the auto body filler has dried slightly firm, sand the surface smooth to match the surrounding surfaces. Then, paint the filler to match the surrounding siding after it dries completely. 

For a larger hole in aluminum siding, make sure you cut any jagged edges from the siding, using some metal cutters. You will need an extra section of siding cut to a length that will cover the hole in your existing siding. With metal snips, cut off the nail flange from the new section of siding to make a patch. Attach the patch over the damage, using caulk to adhere the patch onto your siding. Use duct tape to keep the aluminum siding patch in place as the caulk dries.

Maintain and Repair Roof and Gutter Drainage

Debris on your roof can build up over time and after heavy storms, especially when you have large trees growing nearby, allowing build-up to collect in your roof gutters and in the downspouts. It is recommended to clean out your roof's gutters at least twice a year and sometimes up to four times a year if you have a greater number of trees in your yard.

Remove debris from your roof and scrape out the interior of the gutter. The debris you remove will usually be compressed in the bottom of the gutter and can require the use of a pressure washer or sharp tool to dislodge it from the gutter.

Also inspect your gutters for any holes or damage that can cause rain water to spill from the gutters down onto the soil around your home's foundation. Saturated soil around your home foundation and basement can lead to water seeping into your basement, crawlspace, or foundation slab. Watch your gutters in action during a rain storm to make sure they are all working right. 

If you don't get a chance to check during a rainstorm, you can use your garden hose to test them. Look for water dripping from the edges, seams, or corners around your roof. Also watch your downspouts to make sure they are diverting water several feet away from your home.

If you do find any holes or damage causing your gutters and downspouts to not work correctly, a roofing professional can make proper repairs for you. For more information, contact local professionals like Allstate Gutter & Siding.