Basic Tile Flooring Information You Should Know When Considering This Upgrade

Posted on: 17 August 2017

Tile flooring can be a very durable option that can be ideal for areas of the home that are routinely subjected to moisture exposure or intense foot traffic. Prior to being able to decide on committing to investing in tile flooring, you will need to have a thorough understanding of this particular option.

What Is Reclaimed Tile?

Reclaimed tile can be an excellent option for individuals that are environmentally aware. This type of tile is obtained by reclaiming it from older buildings before they are demolished or from major renovation projects. Prior to being sold to customers, this type of tile will be restored and refinished so that it will be in good condition for the buyer. In addition to being an environmentally friendly option, it can also be an affordable way of giving yourself a unique floor as these tiles will have a unique texture and color pattern due to their previous use.

Can Any Floor Support Tile?

Before you decide to have a tile floor installed, it is important to understand the need to have the floor evaluated for this upgrade. This is necessary because the tiles used in these floors can be very heavy, and the floor may buckle or collapse if it is not structurally strong enough for this upgrade. In particular, those that are having stone or ceramic tile installed will find that this is especially important as these are some of the heaviest types of tile.

Is It Difficult To Install Tile?

It may seem like installing tile flooring will be simple enough to be done without hiring a professional contractor. Yet, tile flooring can be surprisingly difficult to install. If this work is not done correctly the tile can be misaligned, which may severely weaken the protection that it offers your floor. Additionally, you can create serious cosmetic problems by staining the tile with grout or chipping it.

When you are currently looking for a new type of floor to have installed in your home, tile can be a very durable and attractive option. Yet, there are many people that will not have had the pleasure of owning tile flooring. Without this type of first-hand experience, it can be difficult to know what to expect or how to evaluate this flooring option. However, you can more effectively weigh this possibility by appreciating the unique benefits of reclaimed tile, the importance of having the floor evaluated before installing this flooring and the fact that this type of upgrade can be difficult to complete without an experienced flooring contractor. Contact a flooring company, like Thayer Decorating Center, for more help.