Three Ways To Remodel And Resurface An Outdoor Sports Court

Posted on: 26 March 2018

Sports courts give kids and adults somewhere to go with something to do. They are a public park staple in every city and town. If the sports court nearest you is looking a little rundown and less inviting, here are some ways your local government could remodel, resurface, and restore it to play.

Grind It Down, Build It Up for B-Ball

Basketball courts do not have to be fancy. They just have to be. All you need to do to revamp this sports court for b-ball is to hire an asphalt contractor to come in, grind the surface down to a smooth level, re-layer concrete and/or asphalt to create a smooth court, paint the lines on it, and it is done. If this court is lacking a hoop or two, then the city will have to install those, too. 

Rip It out, Lay It, and Green It for Tennis

If you want the city to turn the court into a tennis court, then the mangled play floor has to be torn out. Next, the concrete contractor puts down a nice slab construction surface, followed by the springy, soft layer of green foam rubber associated with tennis courts. Install a couple of tennis nets and paint the lines on the court and it is complete.

Wood and Shellac for Handball or Racquetball

Handball and racquetball are typically played on a shellacked wood floor that overlays a concrete slab. The city would have to repair or pull out the concrete that is already in this sports court. Then a concrete contractor can install the slabs. Finally, the shellacked and waterproofed flooring is bolted on top. The only things needed are the faux walls hanging from the twelve-foot walls comprised of chain link fencing. 

Get People Interested

You can only get court resurfacing and remodeling for your local sports court if you get enough people involved and interested. Create petitions to the city government for needed changes to this sports court. Create a petition for each sport mentioned above. Doing so actually kills two birds with the same stone. You can find out which sport is the most desired and popular in that area around that park, and you can get enough signatures for the one sport that people most want to see in that sports court. Then drop off your petition for the resurfacing and remodeling to the proper office downtown (usually to the parks and recreation department).