Laminate Tiles Look Great In Wood Styles

Posted on: 27 June 2018

When most people think about wood style floors, they think about wooden planks. Pre-fabricated wooden floors are affordable and desirable to everyone. The one thing that homeowners often don't like about wooden floors is that the finish wears off. Pretty much any wooden flooring product you choose, whether it is custom, prefabricated, layered, over the counter, or reclaimed, is going to wear down on the top surface.

This not only means that the color fades and start to look differently, it also means that the wood can start to absorb dirt and moisture. Simply put, wooden floors necessitate maintenance that might be too much for many homeowners. So, what are your options if you want a wooden floor but not any of the maintenance?

Laminate Tiles

Laminate tiles are one of the most popular alternatives to real wood. They have wooden textures that are 3-dimensional. So, the wood grains in the print pretty much line up with the texture on the tile. Importantly, there are a lot of laminate products that have wooden styles. They are made with prints that mock whatever actual wood products are currently popular in your region. So, if you walk into home improvement store, you will see similar styles in the hardwood and tile sections.

Tiles and Grout Lines

The overall look of a laminate floor is definitely distinct from that an actual hardwood planks flight. First of all, the laminate pieces are usually wider and shorter than hardwood planks. Where hardwood plank might be 6' long, most laminate tiles are only 2' to 3' long. There are also products that are perfectly square and they look more like traditional tile. But, rectangular tiles look nicer because the grout lines are staggered.

Obviously, some people don't like the look of grout lines at all, no matter how they are set up. Most prefer thinner grout line so that the tiles are close together and look more like hardwood planks. Even though laminate product is going to be far easier to maintain then an actual wooden plank, you will still have to deal with grout lines. Grout lines, if they are not sealed, can absorb moisture and bacteria. Basically, the grout line needs to be resealed every couple years to protect it from moisture.

Laminate is a great product if you want a wood style floor, but can't deal with the upkeep of an actual wood product. To learn more, talk with a company that offers laminate installation services.