Top Benefits Of Retractable Screens For Your Home

Posted on: 7 August 2018

Fixed screens have long been common for windows, doors, and patios. These types of screens serve their purpose, but more and more homeowners are opting for a new choice—retractable screens. Just like the name suggests, retractable screens can be pulled down when they are needed and then retracted, at which point they will roll up and be invisible. There are many reasons to choose retractable screens for your doors, windows, and patio.

Can Be Fitted to Any Door or Window

Retractable screens are available in standard sizes and can also be custom made, so they can be used in any type of door or window. Winder, longer retractable screens are perfect for screening in a patio or porch. After the retractable screens are installed, you can count on them being durable and easy to use. 

Keep Out Pests

One of the best things about retractable screens is the fact that they keep flying and crawling pests away from you. On a nice day, you can pull down your retractable screens and let the fresh air in through your doors and windows without worrying about what else you may be letting in. Retractable screens can be especially beneficial for porches and patios during the warm summer months—you can enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family, but when you pull down your retractable screens to screen in the area you won't have to worry about pesky mosquito bites.

Preserve the Visual Appeal of the Exterior of Your Home

A lot of homes have very interesting features, such as ornate entry doors, beautifully encased windows, and expansive wrap around porches. When fixed screens are attached to these windows and doors or a beautiful patio is permanently screened in, the fixed screens can take away a lot from the visual appeal of the exterior of the home. With retractable screens, you get all of the good things of fixed screens but don't have to deal with any of the bad. Retractable screens make it easy to use them only when you want to—when they are retracted, they disappear from view.

Long Lasting and Durable

Retractable screens do not have to endure the stress of the sun's rays and different weather elements on a continual basis. When retractable screens are not in use, they are protected from the elements, meaning that they generally last a lot longer than traditional fixed screens. If you purchase retractable screens for your home, you can count on them lasting for a very long time.