Disposing Of Your Sensitive Commercial Documents

Posted on: 23 September 2018

Document disposal is not as simple as you might assume that it should be due to the criminals that may comb through these documents looking for valuable personal or commercial information. In order to reduce the risk of this information falling into the wrong hands, businesses will have to implement sound document destruction policies.

Consider Whether The Documents Should Be Digitally Copied Before Being Destroyed

Destroying a document that contains information that your business may need in the future can be a costly mistake. Prior to deciding that a document should be destroyed, you should verify that the information can be safely discarded. If the information may be needed in the future, digitizing it can allow you to store it in your computer so that you can minimize the space needed for storing physical documents.

Securely Store The Documents Until They Can Be Shredded

Before the documenting shredding service is able to visit your business, it will be necessary to store these documents in your business. Sadly, this can be a security threat as individuals may be able to remove these documents from the trash. Investing in a secure document storage option can reduce the risk of these documents being taken without permission. With these systems, a person will need to either use a code or key to open the trash. While an opening at the top of the can will ensure that individuals can easily deposit items into the receptacle, this opening will be designed in such a way as to prevent individuals from being able to retrieve documents from inside the storage container.

Opt For Micro-Cut Shredding

There are many different types of shredding that may be used to destroy your documents. For businesses that must be absolutely sure that their information did not fall into the wrong hands, the use of micro-cut shredding can be the best option> With this type of shredding, the paper will be cut in a way that makes it smaller than traditional confetti. This can make it extremely unlikely or even impossible for most criminal to easily piece back together the documents.

Retain The Receipts For The Destruction Of These Documents

Many professions will require strict procedures when disposing of documents. Unfortunately, some business owners will fail to retain copies of the receipts from the service providers, and this can make it difficult to prove that the documents were destroyed in compliance with local and professional requirements. Failing to follow these regulations can result in expensive fines or the failure to qualify for tax incentives.

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