Why You Need Storage As A Contractor

Posted on: 29 January 2019

As your construction business grows, you need more space. Your large machines, such as loaders, dump trucks, cement mixing machines, skid steers, and trailers, all take up space that you are rapidly running out of.

You need a contractor storage yard for many reasons. If you're running out of space to park your large equipment, or have few areas to keep your excess inventory so you can complete client jobs faster, then use this guide to help you decide just how getting this type of storage is best for you.

You keep equipment organized

A contractor storage yard is usually a large lot that is partially covered or fully covered, depending on your needs. You can rent or purchase this type of lot to keep your equipment organized away from your main place of business. You are better able to keep all your inventory, machinery, and large equipment items in a single location, which allows you to account for where items are when they are out on job sites, and keeps you organized. An organized construction business is more productive.

You keep equipment safe

Leaving equipment out in the open in your parking lot or behind your business, even if you keep the keys with you locked away when the machinery is not in use, leaves your machinery susceptible to vandalism and weather abuse. Rather than put your expensive investments at risk, consider getting a storage yard that is fenced in and has large covered storage spaces to keep your equipment safe.

You free up space at your business

You get more parking space and have more room to house fragile inventory, like lumber and window glass, when you keep your equipment in another location. Your employees and customers have more places to park and you can use the freed-up space in your business to gather even more inventory or keep smaller machinery onsite, rather than in various other locations, when you rent or buy a contractor storage yard.

If you want to lease storage space, this can be done by looking for real estate for lease or rent. The amount of space you need and where your storage yard is located will often determine what your lease or rental agreement monthly payments will be. When you do find storage space for your equipment, check the area frequently to make sure your equipment is parked away properly and kept safe from weather elements.