Yearning For A Porch Of Your Own? Even More Good Reasons To Add One To Your Home

Posted on: 17 July 2019

While yearning is certainly enough of a reason to consider constructing a porch on your existing home, it may not be the most important one. In fact, porches can add far more value to the average home than just a place to sit and relax. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not your desire to build a porch onto your current home is smart decision, the following reasons for doing so can help you decide to call a porch builder and get started right away. 

Taking the strain off your cooling system 

In climates where summer weather is hot and air conditioning systems must operate around the clock, a well-situated porch can be a big benefit. Constructing a large covered porch on the side or sides of the home that receive the most sun exposure will provide cooling shade and prevent the sunshine from shining directly into the windows and heating up the interior spaces. 

Providing additional living space in a too-small home

Another excellent reason to add a porch to any home is when the interior square footage is limited and the family feels crowded as they go about their daily routine. By adding a large porch and furnishing it with a table and comfortable seating—and possibly a hammock, too—this area will quickly become the favorite spot during the three milder seasons of the year. This will allow family meals and informal entertaining to be moved outside without sacrificing comfort. Porch seating areas can also be used for homework, or even as a casual spot to take the laptop and work from home. 

Functioning as an air-lock in cold climates

Homes that are located in colder climates can also benefit greatly from the addition of a porch, especially if some of the space will be enclosed in such a way as to form an airlock effect. Vestibule-style porches are one example of those that function as an airlock during extreme temperature situations. 

These unheated, enclosed spaces act as a shield to protect the interior spaces of the home from direct contact with extremely cold outside air. In addition to keeping drafts from the interior of the home, this type of porch can also help to lower heating bills and offer a more comfortable living experience throughout the home.

When thinking about adding a porch to an existing home, it is important to work closely with a professional contractor, such as Framar  Construction, who specializes in porch construction. This will ensure that the finished porch will be designed to fulfill your needs, as well as adding to the cosmetic appeal and market value of your home.